When you deeply look to the future of the world, you can feel the cruelty is growing rapidly. This cruelty involves humans, animals and even plants. Sometimes it is hard to find a solution to stop the cruelty, especially to humans. Because animals and plants are watched by humans but who is going to take care of humans? Exactly, God! This is probably another reason that God is considered a savior for the whole world, someone who can lead humans from sins and cruelty to a protected zone. This is God’s gift for all those who want a happy ending! If you are also curious to know more about the savior of the world, don’t miss to read this article to the end. 

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What does savior mean?

Who is the savior of the world?

What is the savior going to do?

How to recognize the savior? 


What does savior mean?

The word savior means a person who saves someone or something from danger or difficulty. Therefore, the savior of the world means the one who can survive human and the earth from any sin and cruelty before resurrection. It is said, people little by little are attracted to commit sins more than before, even though it may not be sensed. That’s why the world needs a savior to come and lead the evils to good and protect the good from the evils. 

The question is who this savior can be? Is he going to be one of the ancient holy people who has been living among us all these years or God is going to pick him from us? For sure, the savior was chosen before and he is not an ordinary human. Let’s read more about this issue in the next section. 

Who is the savior of the world?

Let me ask you something first. Do you believe in a promised savior? If yes, your religion is going to say more about the coming savior. Generally, Christians and Muslims believe in a savior who comes before resurrection and eliminates all the cruelty on the earth by bringing true justice. But there are a few things different among these two religions although in none of the holy books of the prophets, saviors are not mentioned clearly.

Who is the savior of the world from Christian point of view?

Most Christian people believe in a savior, which is Jesus returning. Based on what the holy books say (bible specifically), Jesus (mainly his spirit) didn’t die and was sent to heaven to be out of reach of killers. Currently, he is living in heaven waiting for the returning date and when he returns, he would lead people to choose the correct way. It is also said that Jesus may have a helper (or more than one helper) in this road. The salvation probably needs more holy and pure people. 

So, do you think Jesus would be the only savior or not? 

Who is the savior of the world from Muslim point of view?

In Islamic idea based on was narrated from the past, savior refers to Mahdi, the last Imam of the Twelver Shias. He has had two occultations (minor and major) since he started leading people. It is said he lives among us in this world, in contrast to Jesus sending to heaven, but we are not able to see or recognize him. You can read more to see who Mahdi is through the full related article. 

Although Islam has different denominations which may not believe in Imams or all of the Imams’ leading, most of the Muslims, regardless of their Islamic sect, believe in the promised savior. 

In Islam this thought is also divided into two main views:

Mahdi will be the only savior

Mahdi and Jesus will be the saviors of the world together

The second view is a more rational thought as the whole world would be full of sin and evil things. Therefore, two of the purest selected are chosen by God to return on the earth and save the good verses bad. 

What is the savior going to do?

As it was mentioned, the main mission of the savior(s) is going to be saving people through a salvation of good versus bad. Many historical quotes admit the parts of holy books, especially Quran about the great destruction before resurrection. This great destruction will also have effects that savior can save the people choosing the correct way of worshiping the unique God of the world. 

How to recognize the savior? 

People keep saying that, if Mahdi is living among us, how it isn’t possible to recognize him? The answer is if we would be able to see him, won’t the evils try to kill him? But there must be some clues to know the personalities of the savior. 

Occultation before returning. Both Mahdi and Jesus are currently in the occult. 

Truly bring justice. The savior should be completely just to everything to decide fairly. 

Having a kingdom before resurrection. The kingdom will be in a way that all those who didn’t commit major sins in their lives, would experience a justly life. Besides, most of the people would be followers of the savior, the king of the world. 

The savior is from the human race not angels or other creatures of God. 

In some religious books it is mentioned that the savior would be from the last prophet’s generation. 

The savior will have the direct guide and help from God. 


Whether the savior is Mahdi, Jesus or both of them, the main mission is to make the world a correct place. Somewhere out of any sins. And then, when the resurrection happens, this mission would be completed. In this article we tried to mention features and character of the promised savior to see who the savior of the world is and what he is going to do. We hope reading this article would be helpful to those who are curious to know more about the world at the end.  

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