Mahdi, the final Imam in Shia’s belief, is the savior promised to the world and it was specially mentioned for Muslims. The point is how to know Mahdi, the promised savior, and his background better plus what conditions will bring him to the earth. Can anybody see him? Does all Muslim people believe in him? Why would god consider such a savior for human beings? These are just a few of the probable questions for every one of us. In this article, you are going to know Mahdi in more detail. Don’t miss to read it carefully!

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  • Who is Mahdi?
  • When will Mahdi come?
  • Does all the Muslim people believe in promised savior?
  • Why God set a savior for humans?
  • Conclusion

Who is Mahdi?

In Islam, the Twelver Shias sect, there are 12 Imams that lead the people to worship Allah as the unique God of the world. Although Imams were not inspired as Prophets, Shias Muslims respected them a lot. Mahdi is the final Imam in the Twelver belief that will be the promised savior and will emerge before resurrection. 

Mahdi is the only child of the eleventh Imam of Shias, Imam Hasan Asgari and Narjes Khatoon (his mother), and was born in 15th Shaban in 255th lunar year. When he was 5, his father martyred and this was the reason he became the next and the last Imam at age of 5 though he was still so young. 

It didn’t even take a year that he had the minor occultation. Through this occultation he only had connection with 4 of his followers and other normal people couldn’t meet him. After 70 years, when the last follower passed away, the Major occultation started and it is still going on. Through the major occultation, the connection was completely ended and no more followers were qualified to see him the same as before. Therefore, there are some thoughts that he lives among us and we can’t identify him. 

Although it was not mentioned in the Quran, many of the Hadis are related to Mahdi and his returning. 

When will Mahdi come?

There is not a specific time determined for his return but there are some signs that show Mahdi’s return is approaching. The signs are heavy earthquakes around the world specially in the Middle East, loud voices from the sky talking about Mahdi and Gabriel is the owner of the voice, elimination of justice in the world, the superiority of sin to innocence, etc. 

So, when he comes depends on what God decides and the signs can help normal people to figure out if it is the right time or not. 

Does all the Muslim people believe in promised savior?

As you may know, Islam, same as some other religions have different denominations and two of the main ones are Shia and Sunni. It is interesting to know that Sunni people do respect Imams but not as a leader and the way Shias people do, however they also believe in the promised savior and Mahdi. 

Generally, most of the Muslims, regardless of their sects, believe one day the promised savior will return and in this returning Christ is going to accomplish Mahdi. The point is, most of the Muslims agree on the view of the right guided one, Mahdi. 

Why God set a savior for humans?

One of the main questions that all of us would like to know is why would God send us a savior? What is going to happen that only a right guided one can lead the humans? This is what we are going to open in this part of the article. 

In the world we live, there is always a right and a wrong thing. In better expression, something is either right or wrong. God definitely knows that, what will happen in the future and he mentioned in many Holy books in every religion that before resurrection, the wrongs are going beyond the rights so the justice would be in danger. That’s when a right guided leader such as Mahdi can come and save the good human from the evil ones. One of the reasons for sending the promised savior by God can be this issue though he is the one who knows everything better. 


No matter what your religion or denomination is, if you are a God believer, you probably have heard about the promised savior. In Islam, Mahdi is the determined savior who will return one day to save the world from the devil actions which pass over the justice. In this article we tried to mention a biography of Mahdi so that you can know him better. The reasons and time of the coming savior was also mentioned in brief. We hope reading this article has given a better view to those who wanted to know Mahdi and his mission in more detail.

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