In many different religions, from Christian to Muslim, God promised people a savior before resurrection. Although the whole thing is called “promised savior”, people with different religions have a different idea and expression of the promised savior. In Christianity, people say only Christ will return, in Islam, some of the Muslims believe Mahdi will emerge as the promised savior and some other say Mahdi and Christ will come. 

The point is none of the promised saviors are mentioned in the Holy books (Quran and Bible) but the whole belief is based on what Hadith (narrated quotes of the prophets and holy people) claims. Apart from that, there are many reasons that God would consider a savior for people when there is necessity, so we, as Muslims and Christians, mostly believe the return of a holy savior. 

Table of content

  • Who is Mahdi and who is Christ?
  • Why is there a promised savior?
  • Will they really return? Who is the main savior?
  • Conclusion

Who is Mahdi and who is Christ?

Mahdi is the twelve Imam of Shia (the Twelver Shias)- one of the main denomination of Islam. What history says about him is that he disappeared in two levels (minor and major) called occultation. The first took almost 70 years while he had 4 trusted fans on earth and had a limited connection with people through these four people. When the fourth one passed away, the major occultation started and it is continuing up to now. Read more about Mahdi in the article “Who is Mahdi?”. 

Jesus, also known as Christ, was the leader of Jewish and Christian, the largest religion of the world. The story of his life and how he was born is so well known that almost everyone knows. Many people also refer Christ to the Son of God or Son of Heaven as people believe he was considered to be a deputy of God on the earth. 

The beginning of Jesus’ life was with miracles as a virgin pure named Saint Mary, gave him birth. That was the first miracle he brought and right after that, when Jesus was still an infant, started to talk to the people. 

Miracles of Jesus

Some of the other miracles of him can be listed below:

  1. Healing the mother of Peter’s wife.
  2. Healing the deaf mute of Decapolis.
  3. Healing the blind at birth.
  4. Healing the Paralytic at Bethesda.
  5. The Blind Man of Bethsaida.
  6. The Blind man Bartimaeus in Jericho.
  7. Healing the Centurion’s servant.
  8. Christ healing an infirm woman.
  9. Etc. 

Why is there a promised savior?

There are many reasons to prove that there is a need in the emergence of a savior before resurrection. Generally, domination of good over bad is the main reason which can be divided into different categories. 

  1. People naturally feel the need of a leader in their life and that’s the main reason they believe in the Lord, the greatest leader, God. Therefore, God set a leader for the end of the earth to guide people correctly. 
  2. Many countries will lose the government due to inefficiency and this will cause deep problems to people. So there must be a worldwide justice to lead the whole people. 
  3. Incredible events occur in the world that only a saint holy from God can handle it.
  4. Etc. 

There is also a thought about the current pandemic, COVID 19, about the emergence of the savior. The point is that people based on the narrated quotes from ancient say the savior will come because people deeply need to have him. 

Will they really return? Who is the main savior?

This is the main question of those who have doubt in the promised savior. Will they (or him) seriously return? If yes, who is the main one? Mahdi or Christ? The answer is Yes there would seriously be a savior before resurrection but when will they emerge? That’s a true question for everyone but God. Only God knows when will the correct time be. It is also good to mention that we may not see the promised savior in our life as the emergence can be after our death. 

If you have noted, we mentioned will they or him return, that’s because some people believe only one of them is the main savior. Therefore, people are divided based on their view of the coming savior into 4 groups:

  1. Those who believe there would be no Savior return 
  2. Those who believe Mahdi is the only savior (some of the Muslims)
  3. Those who believe Christ is the only savior (most of Christians)
  4. Those who believe Mahdi and Christ are coming together as the promised saviors (mots Muslims and some of the Christians)

The final group which covers most Muslims and some Christian people, is probably the most accurate one. The point is that Mahdi and Christ will come together to save the world of any sin and cruelty. They would be responsible to set justice all around the world by the direct permission of God. 

It is also worth mentioning that there is no clear answer to the question of “who will be the main savior” as both of them have a cooperation on saving the Good from the Bad. For sure the emergence of both of them would be necessary and each of them will have a certain set of responsibilities. 


Many people around the world believe in the promised savior by God, even though it is not mentioned in the Holy books of different prophets. The main idea is more valuable in two of the largest religions in the world, Christianity and Islam. Mahdi and Christ are the promised saviors mentioned in Hadiths (people who believe in a promised savior have different ideas about this issue that was mentioned in the article) that will emerge before resurrection. The question is when and how? Only God knows. We hope reading this article was useful for all those who try to learn more about the promised savior. 

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